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'll be standing against the snap cuts that will be coming on november 1. through mr. obama's and the democratic congress or caucus support we passed stimulus that gave more food money to those who are in need. why couldn't we keep that going? simply to keep that going. but on november 1, because we have not acted, this congress will shut down the food for those who have gotten just a little bit to feed their family. so i am hoping that when they go to conference, what will be on their mind is their pledging allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, not to the 1%, but the 99% and we will come back out of this economy and there will not be a tale two of americas. but it will be one america where everyone has an opportunity and that's the model of america, united, investment into more than just a few people, but to a lot of people, giving them the opportunity to build this economy. i thank the gentleman for yielding and i thank my constituents in houston for understanding and recognizing that we must work together to build a better houston, a better texas and a better america. i yiel
bess truman, then president obama speaking at a congressional memorial speaker for the late speaker tom foley. then, honoring former florida governor jeb bush. >> bess truman served as first lady on her own terms. story of the wife of the 33rd president of the .nited states, bess truman is nicole anslover the author of a biography on harry truman. wase we left off last week the death of president roosevelt , april 12, 1945. where was harry truman he got the message he was needed? >> he was having a drink as he often did. having alaxing and somewhat cordial atmosphere. he received a phone call and said he just knew. he raced to get to the white house. >> mrs. roosevelt was at a luncheon. they didn't tell her anything. ,hen she got to the white house it was us price. -- a he looked horrible during the last campaign. they knew he was going. he was ashen. his a non-girl address had to be ural address inaug had to be given from the white house. it was not really a surprise to anyone. 2 hours later, in the cabinet room, at the white house, harry truman to the oath of office.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2